Professor Messer’s CompTIA SY0-301 Security+ Training

Professor Messer's CompTIA Security+ SY0-301 Training Course This is the index to our free CompTIA SY0-301 Security+ training course videos. All of our training videos are completely free; watch all of our videos online right now!

The SY0-301 exam will be retired on December 31, 2014.
If you’re planning on taking the exam after this date, you should consider
watching the SY0-401 exam videos instead.

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Section 1: Network Security

1.1 – Network Devices

1.2 – Network Administration

1.3 – Network Design

1.4 – Common Protocols

1.5 – Common Ports

1.6 – Securing your Wireless Network

Section 2: Compliance and Operational Security

2.1 – Dealing with Risk

2.2 – Mitigating Risk

2.3 – Incident Response

2.4 – Security Awareness

2.5 – Business Continuity

2.6 – Environmental Controls

2.7 – Disaster Recovery

Section 3: Threats and Vulnerabilities

3.1 – Malware

3.2 – Attacks
Man-in-the-Middle and ARP Poisoning (8:08) | Denial of Service (7:10)
Phishing (7:34) | Spam (5:43)
Christmas Tree Attack (6:43) | Insider Threats (4:22)
Transitive and Client-Side Attacks (4:19)

3.3 – Social Engineering
Shoulder Surfing (3:23) | Dumpster Diving (3:51)
Tailgating (4:25) | Impersonation (3:42) | Hoaxes (4:24)
Whaling (3:53) | Vishing (3:55)

3.4 – Wireless Attacks

3.5 – Application Attacks

3.6 – Deterring and Mitigating an Attack

3.7 – Discovering Threats and Vulnerabilities

3.8 – Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Section 4: Application, Data, and Host Security

4.1 – Application Security

4.2 – Host Security

4.3 – Data Security

Section 5: Access Control and Identity Management

5.1 – Authentication Services

5.2 – Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control

5.3 – Account Security

Section 6: Cryptography

6.1 – An Overview of Cryptography

6.2 – Using Cryptography

6.3 – Public Key Infrastructure

6.4 – Implementing PKI

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  • Anselmo Diaz

    Prof. Messer, I love you. You are da man! :)

  • Bob Goodness

    Professor Messer -

    THANK YOU for making these training videos available – I’ve been able to get my A+ and Network+ certs, and am preparing for the Security+ test. Excellent videos – very clear, understandable and to the point with many current and valuable website references. I spent 3 months of self-study for the A+ and got very high scores, then 13 months on Network+ and got 840 out of 900 – thanks to the Professor Messer video series. I just finished viewing all the Security+ videos you produced, and I compliment you on a fabulous job. You really know your stuff !!

    Bob Goodness
    Orton Consulting Group, Inc.

  • NSecurity

    Thank you soooo much.. you are AWESOME. Currently Im preparing for the SY0-301 Exam and I’m going through all your Security plus related videos..u00a0Appreciateu00a0your kindness for putting it for FREE :)

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  • boom

    hi……….sir nu00a0nu r a hero of the fields …..i love u sir ………..thankyou so much sir

  • Juber

    Sir, Thank you very much for your kind support.Regards, JA

  • Juber

    Sir, Thank you very much for your kind support.Regards, JA

  • michael

    when did they switch to the syo-301?u00a0 I was hoping they were still testing 201 :(

  • michael

    when did they switch to the syo-301?u00a0 I was hoping they were still testing 201 :(

    • Professor Messer

      The SY0-301 was released at the end of May, but you can still take the SY0-201 until December 31st of 2011.

      • Mike

        Thanks Prof Messer..that is good news indeed.u00a0 Just passed my Net+ with an 867 with a lot of time on Exam collection and your youtube vids…Thanks for your help!

  • Saadzaki

    I’m goging to do the Network+ exam, the next step is Security+. Thank you Professor, you are the best in field.

  • Professor Messer

    No short-term plans for a PCI DSS training course, but it’s a great idea!

  • Michelle

    Since these are SY0-301, how well will this prepare someone for the SY0-201 exam?u00a0 Will this throw me off course or cover a good amount?

    • Professor Messer

      Michelle, the SY0-201 has many similar topics, but there is a lot of new content on the SY0-301 that you won’t see on the SY0-201. Make sure you refer to CompTIA’s exam requirements documents for both exams to compare the differences.

  • Ptlhanang

    all the videos are awesome and most of all they are free and very easy to understand. Thanks Professor Messer, You Rock!

  • Joe M

    Thank you for the amazing videos! I found your site about a week before my Security+ exam and watched as many as I could and passed the exam. If I had known about your site earlier, I would have purchased your training material, BOTH because of the quality of the videos, and to support the service you are providing. I sincerely hope you continue to add new subjects. My votes go to more CompTIA exams (e.g. Linux+, Project+), and more security oriented exams (CISSP). Thanks again!

  • Tommyg112

    Professor Messer this training is awesome. Thanks for helping me pass my exam yesterday. I did study the book and had taken practice test before finding your link a few days before my exam. Then I watched the entire training modules and it helped me understand some of the topics I was weak in. Great Job and Thanks

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    Just passed Sec+ today thanks mostly to these videos. It’s been 6 years since I took IS-security courses so this was the perfect refresher.

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    Without Professermesser , I wouldn’t even pass 1 exam. THANK YOU SO MUCH Professor I Passed Security+ Today with score 810 and Proud to say that now I am A+, Network+ and Security+ Certified Special Thanks Professor, God Bless You !

  • Ronnie Byers

    I passed SY-101 in 2008, a new job requirement required me to pass SY-301. I found these videos while googling for study material – I grinded through them over the course of about 2 days, and not only did I pass with flying colors, I now have a much better understanding of information security as an IT professional. Professor Messer, you are an invaluable resource to the community. Thank you! I will be purchasing your books for my future certifications.