Welcome to Professor Messer! Our mission is to provide quality technology information and training, including specialized training courses for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+. Our training courses have become popular study resources for some of the IT industry’s most popular certifications.

What are Professor Messer’s Free Certification Training Courses?

Our video courses highlight the power of media, the breadth of the Internet, and provide a dramatic change from what most people expect from online training resources. I wish I could say that the idea of creating this course was a flash of insight that came to me in a vision, but the reality is the idea of creating this training content was slowly formed through 20-plus years in the computer industry and the technological evolution of video and audio resources.

The basic idea of our training courses is simple. Our goal is to provide quality training for the world’s most popular technical certifications. The technology industry is demanding people who have a strong technical foundation, and these certifications provide a common starting point for people working toward their initial technology certifications.

Unfortunately, there are few quality resources available on the Internet for any technical certification. As I began the planning process for this course, I found that there are very few online sites providing a comprehensive set of technical training resources. While some of these scattered sites are relatively good, other online CompTIA A+ resources provide blatantly incorrect information or have questionable intentions.

My personal experiences have also helped to build this training course. I grew up in a very rural North Florida town, and there were few technical resources available to me during my middle school and high school years. As I’ve grown older, I’ve also realized that opportunity often needs a fair amount of financial capital to grow to fruition.

Your messages to me have proven that there is a group of people who would like to build their technical knowledge, but they have limited money to invest in a video course or a live course at a local college. My primary goal for this course is to fill the need of these people and to bring everyone else along to enjoy the ride. What could be better?

Is it really free?

The online portion of our courses is completely free. There’s no registration required to view any of the videos, and there’s nothing to buy as long as you watch online.

Nothing is free. What’s the catch?

Ok, you got me. It’s true, I still have to maintain a web site, pay for server hosting, and buy the audio and video equipment needed to make this course. The financial plan for this project was modeled from the television model in the United States. I’ve combined online advertising with our free content to create a combination that keeps the site running without requiring a cash outlay from anyone watching our videos. Watch as much as you want, we’ll make more.

For people who want more, we also offer downloadable and high-definition video and written study resources for sale. There’s something here for everyone.

Could I learn everything I need to pass my certification test from this online course?

We’ve tried to encapsulate the fundamental topics of these certifications into ten-to-twenty minute video segments, but there’s no possible way for any resource to provide 100% of everything the aspiring certified professional might need. We highly recommend that anyone studying for any certification consider additional study resources before sitting for their exam.

Can I get an offline version of your courses?

We offer both physical and downloadable versions of our courses that can be played on a computer, mobile device, or MP3 player.

I’m teaching a CompTIA course, can I use your videos?

You’re welcome to use them as much as you’d like, provided you embed the videos with the associated YouTube link or link directly to my site. Please click the “Contact Us” link at the top of our web page and let me know how you’re using them.

How long did it take to create a course module?

We build every module from scratch, so this process is very time consuming. After taking pictures, building the presentation, recording the video presentation, editing the video, rendering the final video version, and adding the closed captioning, each 20-minute module has about six to eight hours of development.

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to send us any feedback or comments. It’s incredibly motivating to hear the stories of how people are using these videos.

You can always send us a message!

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Good studies!