Announcement: Our new training course!

The last two years at Messer Studios has been absolutely amazing. Our free video training courses have been big hits, and we always get excited when we receive an email, tweet, or Facebook post containing another successful certification story! Your messages motivate us to create bigger and better training courses every day.

As our last course was finishing up, we were already in the planning phase for the Next Big Thing. We have some very specific criteria that we use in our planning process, and when we finally decided on the next course it was obvious that we had made the right decision.

I’m proud to announce that the next Professor Messer Free Certification Training Course is Microsoft 70-680 on Configuring Windows 7. Successfully completing this certification exam immediately gives you a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist title, and it also counts towards the Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification.

Because this exam is on a relatively new technology, people who pass the certification will have one of the latest and most sought-after skills in the IT industry. Although Windows 7 has been available for over a year, many organizations are just starting to roll out this new operating system to their users. They’re going to need knowledgeable people to lead the way, and we hope our training course will give you the information you need to succeed!

We’ve already released the first chapter of content, with seven video modules covering two hours of video content. There’s no specific date on when all of them will be completed, and we’re not going to rush the production process and sacrifice quality. As soon as additional modules are released, we’ll announce them on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Click here to see our list of free Microsoft 70-680 training modules!

Thanks for the fantastic messages of support and your certification stories. Click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page and let us know how we can help you with your certification goals! Good luck, and good studies!

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