Now available: CompTIA Network+ Training in 720p HD!

As most of you have realized by now, I don’t sit around and wait for others to innovate. When I started building Professor Messer, the idea of high-quality video-based technical training wasn’t anything new. However, the idea giving it all away online was considered by many to be a bit loco en la cabeza. This craziness has resulted in nearly one million videos viewed, the introduction of many new training topics, and a knowledge boost for thousands of technologists around the world. If it all stopped here, it would be considered an amazing success.

But it’s certainly not stopping. In fact, I’m just getting started.

Today, we’ve released a completely remastered version of the Professor Messer CompTIA Network+ downloadable certification videos. The most noticeable “upgrade” to our Network+ library is the inclusion of a high definition 720p format! All of our Network+ videos can now be watched at a crisp, clear 1280×720 resolution, as well as new 640×360 resolution iPod/iPhone compatible downloads for taking your videos anywhere.

These high-resolution videos are beautiful. Since I record everything at 1280×720, you’ll see everything on the screen exactly as I see it. There’s no blurring, no missing information, and no squinting. Even if your monitor doesn’t use HD resolutions, you’ll still see a significant visual improvement over the previous version.

If you’ve already purchased the Network+ video course, you’re upgraded immediately for no additional cost. If you’re watching our videos online, they’ll all continue to be absolutely free. Our online videos will also be upgraded, and you’ll be able to watch higher resolutions online very soon.

No other CompTIA Network+ training course is available in HD. We’re delivering the future of online video training, and it’s your overwhelming support that’s made it all possible. Thanks for watching our videos, and good studies!

To learn more about the Professor Messer HD CompTIA Network+ downloadable videos, click here.