One Million Views!

When we started building Messer Studios, we weren’t really sure if this idea would take off. It was easy to see that quality IT training was difficult to come by, and we realized that the Internet would provide us with distribution methods that weren’t previously available. The radical twist in the formula was the idea of giving it all away for free. Back then, we had no idea if this unlikely combination would really have legs.

We now have over one million reasons to prove we were on to something.

I’m very pleased to announce that the Messer Studios CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ training videos have now surpassed one million views! Although we don’t keep individual viewer statistics, it’s reasonable to assume that thousands of people have watched our online videos, and we get email messages every day with thanks and stories of certification successes.

One million views is really just the beginning. We have a long list of Messer Studios projects planned, and we’re constantly adding and tweaking ideas. Your feedback and comments have been instrumental at driving this effort forward. The “Contact Us” link at the top of every page is a direct conduit to my iPhone, and your comments are always welcome.

I’m personally gratified that people all of the world have used our videos to improve their technical knowledge, get a promotion, or make a dramatic career change. There’s an amazing story behind every message, and I’m very pleased that our videos are part of your studies. We’re incredibly thankful for your ongoing support.

Good studies!

– Professor Messer