Who I am (not).

| November 28, 2009

Part of my online life is occasionally spent explaining who “Professor Messer” represents. The conversation usually begins with a description of our online training, and it often ends with confusion over why everything we create is absolutely free to watch. There have been over 650,000 of our training videos viewed online, and we’ve not received any money for anyone to watch these videos. Yes, they’re free. Yes, I know that’s crazy. No, I don’t plan on changing a darn thing.

If someone would like to download our videos and watch them offline, we offer video and audio training packages. When you purchase one of our packages, you are only charged for that individual training package. You aren’t required to purchase anything else from us ever again. We don’t sign you up for any other services and you won’t be charged for any other products.

Why am I stating something that seems so obvious? Mostly, it’s because of the recent online stories about this guy. Let me be very clear about this; I’m not this guy and I certainly don’t follow his apparently legal but ethically questionable business model.

I have no interest in hiding the true purchase price of our products. If you want to buy a product from me, you’ll know exactly how much will appear on your credit card statement. I don’t like surprises, especially those that have to do with my PayPal account.

Buying products online is challenging enough without worrying about your money and your privacy. If I meet you somewhere in my travels, I want to hear that you’re more than thrilled with our web site, our training classes, and our downloadable products. If I can’t offer a product and look people straight in the eye, then I’m doing it wrong.

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  1. Roger Pelegrin says:

    You are a bad ass Mr. Messer. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.