Professor Messer After Class

Now available: CompTIA Network+ Training in 720p HD!

Today, we’ve released a completely remastered version of the Professor Messer CompTIA Network+ downloadable certification videos. The most noticeable “upgrade” to our Network+ library is the inclusion of a high definition 720p format! All of our Network+ videos can now be watched at a crisp, clear 1280×720 resolution, as well as new 640×360 resolution iPod/iPhone compatible downloads for taking your videos anywhere.

What’s new in CompTIA A+ 220-70x?

Since the 2009 introduction of the latest CompTIA A+ exam, there’s been a slow migration from the old exam to the new. If you’ve not been keeping track, you’ll be interested in knowing that you’ve only got about a month before the 220-60x exams disappear forever!

Professor Messer passes half-a-million training module views!

We’re pleased to announce that our free series of Professor Messer CompTIA training videos have now exceeded over 500,000 views! Our online training courses have provided comprehensive technical training on the IT industry’s most popular certifications, and we’re very happy with the reception that we’ve received from people around the world.

The CompTIA A+ 2009 requirements draft is now online

The overall structure of the exam requirements have changed a bit. Laptop and portable devices have been integrated into the hardware section of the requirements, and safety, communication, and professionalism have been collapsed into a single section called “Operational Procedures.” I like the simplified approach.

This will not be on the exam.

During the process of authoring, photographing, and recording our CompTIA A+ certification videos, my home-office tends to be visited by most of my family. My seven year-old son has taken a keen interest in the pieces of technology thrown about the room, and he’s become quite adept at building and dismantling motherboard components.

The sound of a hard drive gone bad

It’s one of the worst sounds in the world; a hard drive mechanism that’s gone bad. It’s even worse when it’s the sound of YOUR hard drive that decided to up and die. Unfortunately, one of my hard drives recently decided to bite the dust, but I thought I’d use the untimely demise of my hardware to provide you with some insight on what you (or your clients) might expect to hear when a hard drive starts going south.