CompTIA A+ Pop Quizzes

WEP or WPA2?

You’re configuring an access point with MAC filtering and WEP encryption, but the security administrator says that WEP encryption should not be used. As a standard, the security administrator has selected WPA2 instead. Why would he insist on WPA2?

Which windows utility tracks statistics?

An end user is reporting that applications running on his computer slow down to a crawl for minutes at a time. The problem occurs without warning, and the time between incidences appears to occur randomly. You’d like configure the system to track performance such as pages per second, average disk queue length, and processor time percentage over an entire business day. Which Windows utility could accomplish this?

The invisible network share

You can connect to a network share, but no files are visible and you’re not getting any error messages. Other users of the same share can see hundreds of files. What could be the problem?

Diagnosing a beeping computer

You’re powering up a new computer for the first time. Instead of the normal startup process, the system emits a series of beeps. No message appears on the screen, and no other lights are blinking. What is the most reasonable cause of the problem?

The mystery of the slow CPU

Your laptop computer is rated to run at 2 GHz, but the information in the Control Panel’s System applet shows the CPU running at 900 MHz. What might explain this discrepancy?

Where is the Windows XP Event Viewer?

You’re having a problem with a startup program on a Windows XP Professional computer, and you’d like to look at the Event Viewer to see if there are any clues that might help you troubleshoot the problem. How do you start the Windows XP Event Viewer?