CompTIA A+ Pop Quizzes

How do you deal with conflict?

A customer stops by your desk with his computer, and he’s clearly upset over the problems that he’s been having with his system. As he vents his frustrations, his voice becomes louder and higher pitched. What’s your next move?

Will this PC support Windows XP Professional?

One of your users would like to perform a fresh install of Windows XP Professional onto their desktop PC. The computer has a Pentium II processor running at 300 MHz with 64 MB of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive. Can the personal computer support an install of Windows XP Professional?

Troubleshooting a Laptop LCD Display

You’ve powered on a laptop, but the LCD screen isn’t displaying any video. The laptop’s lights are working and you can hear the fan and hard drive running. Which of these options would be appropriate troubleshooting steps?