Free CompTIA A+ Training

Professor Messer’s Free Certification Training Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

This free online video course is a project that highlights the power of media, the breadth of the Internet, and a dramatic change to what most people expect from online training resources. I wish I could say that the idea of creating this course was a flash of insight that came to me in a vision, but the reality is the idea of giving away this nature of training content was slowly formed through 20-plus years in the computer industry and the technological evolution of video and audio resources.

Removable Drive Technology

Removable drives have been around since the floppy drive days, and the latest generation of USB, Firewire, and eSATA removable drives provide an amazing amount of storage in some of the smallest packages the industry has ever seen. In this video, we’ll show you how the latest removable and portable storage technologies work with today’s computing platforms.

SCSI Drive Technology

Small Computer Systems Interface is one of those computing standards that have been around for as long as anyone can remember. In this video, we’ll provide you with an overview of SCSI’s history and show you how to cable and install the latest generation of SCSI devices in desktops and servers.

SATA Drive Technology

Serial ATA is the latest standard in high-speed hard drive storage, and it’s used in both large enterprise networks and consumer laptops and desktops. In this video, we’ll show you how SATA cables and configuration options are different than other available storage formats.

PATA Drive Technology

Parallel ATA has evolved from the original IBM AT and IDE standard into the high-speed PATA format that we use today. In this video, we’ll show you what the CompTIA A+ certified professional needs to know about configuring, cabling, and installing your PATA drives.

Storage Overview

Understanding the fundamentals of personal computer storage is an important CompTIA A+ topic. In this module, we’ll provide you with an overview of computer storage systems, an explanation of disk geometry, and a description of how the master boot record manages to get your operating system started.

Professor Messer’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course – BIOS and CMOS

What really happens when you start your computer? In this chapter, we’ll show you how the BIOS handles the most basic operations of your personal computer and how the CMOS stores all of your important configuration information. We’ll also show you how to use VMware Player or Microsoft Virtual PC to create a test lab on your computer where you can test your BIOS changes without modifying your PC settings.

Troubleshooting and Upgrading the BIOS

A CompTIA A+ certified professional needs to recognize when a BIOS upgrade may be needed, the precautions to take when upgrading a BIOS, and what to expect when the upgrade is underway. In this video, we’ll take you through each upgrade step and show you how some simple planning can make your BIOS upgrades run smoothly from start to finish.