Free CompTIA A+ Training

Professor Messer’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course – Printers and Scanners

The management of printers and scanners can be a challenging technical hurdle for even the most seasoned computing professional. Organizational productivity usually screeches to a grinding halt when the printer isn’t working! In this series of CompTIA A+ training videos, we’ll provide you with an introduction to printers and scanner technologies and take you through the process of selecting, installing, and supporting a printer and scanner.

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Input Devices

For your computer to do anything, it first has to know where to start. Fortunately, our personal computers have many ways of getting information into the system so that processing can begin. In this CompTIA A+ video module, we’ll show you some of the most common input methods and some specialty input devices.

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Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading Audio

The use of audio in personal computers has evolved dramatically through the years, and the current assortment of audio hardware devices and software is varied enough to keep even the most knowledgeable technicians guessing. In this CompTIA A+ training video, we’ll show you common audio input and output methods, discuss the details of sample rates, examine the differences between audio bit depths, and perform some audio configurations in Windows XP.

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Cooling System Overview

Personal computers must be constantly cooled to ensure the system runs at peak efficiency. Without appropriate cooling in place, the computer’s life expectancy is shortened and in extreme cases the computer will halt due to overheating of the components. In this video, you’ll learn how computers are cooled through heat sinks, on-board fans, computer case fans, and liquid cooling systems.

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