CompTIA A+ 220-701: 1.1 – Storage Devices

January 27, 2010

Storage technology has changed dramatically through the years, from floppy disks through solid state drives. In this video, you’ll learn about the technology behind floppy drives, hard drives, solid state technologies, and optical drives. You’ll also learn about removable storage technologies, tape drives, and external storage options.

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  1. Dinam1ta says:

    Thank you Professor Messer for these videos. They are very useful and perfect to take notes on.

    • mohammad hussain says:

      realey i like this videos i hope i will complet this A+ and after that i will tring to pass exame thank you very much.

  2. nomi says:

    beautiful owesome videos 

  3. hi Prof. Messer i didnt find you taking about firewire at all. could you please explain to me what this interface is please?

  4. jason vaillancourt says:

    i may have missed this but the hot swappable devices would be ones like the external hard drives ?