An audible Zen

You have just installed a new motherboard, plugged in all of the cables, and connected the power. However, when you start the computer you hear a series of beeps and the screen remains blank. Which of these would be the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The memory on the motherboard is the incorrect type

B) Your operating system is not compatible with the new motherboard

C) Your Windows video driver is not compatible with the new motherboard

D) The computer is infected with a virus

E) Your computer simply likes to hear the beeping tones

The answer: A) The memory on the motherboard is the incorrect type

If you start your computer and the machine beeps and there’s no video on the screen, the the BIOS check failed one of its self-checks. Since this may cause issues displaying video, the beeps are the only way for the computer to tell you that something bad has happened. If you check the motherboard documentation, you’ll find a list of beep codes that might help you understand more details about the issue.

In this question, the only one of the listed issues that was related to the BIOS test was the memory configuration. Operating system issues, video drivers, and viruses would manifest themselves after the BIOS check was complete, and there would be plenty of text on the screen to provide you with more information.

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