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Performance-based question: Put these computer interface standards in order from slowest speed to fastest. Use all of the available options.

A) USB 2.0

B) SATA revision 2.0

C) 802.11g

D) Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR

E) My computer when I need to send an important email

The answer: D) Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR (3 Mbit/sec), C) 802.11g (54 Mbit/sec), A) USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec), B) SATA revision 2.0 (3.0 Gbit/sec)

I believe there’s a subsystem in the CPU that sets the speed of the computer to be inversely related to the importance of the task. Therefore, I think it’s fair to mark E) as the slowest ever.

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