Are you ready for an upgrade?

You’ve got a Windows XP computer, and you’re working on upgrading to Windows Vista. Your Windows XP computer has 384 MB of RAM, 100 GB of free disk space, and the processor runs at 1 GHz. Does your computer have the proper hardware requirements to run Windows Vista?

A) Yes, the hardware will run Windows Vista

B) No, you’ll need more RAM

C) No, you’ll need more disk space

D) No, you’ll need a bigger processor

E) Windows Vista contains miraculous technology that will work with any computer with any hardware

The answer: B) No, you’ll need more RAM

Vista needs a minimum of 512 MB of RAM at a minimum, so you’ll get an error message if you try to upgrade your Windows XP system to Windows Vista. All of the other hardware requirements meet or exceed the minimum requirements for Windows Vista.

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