You’ve recently upgraded your motherboard, but now you find that the reset button on your case isn’t working. Which of these would be the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The reset switch wires are not connected to the new motherboard

B) The new motherboard does not support the reset button option

C) The motherboard reset circuits are faulty

D) The reset function must be enabled in the BIOS

E) Your new motherboard is perfect, rendering resets a completely unnecessary feature

The answer: A) The reset switch wires are not connected to the new motherboard

There are a lot of wires connecting to the motherboard that provide power lights, hard drive access lights, and audio connections. If one of those isn’t working after a new motherboard install, then you probably missed a connection.

In this question, the only one of the listed issues that was related to the BIOS test was the memory configuration. Operating system issues, video drivers, and viruses would manifest themselves after the BIOS check was complete, and there would be plenty of text on the screen to provide you with more information.

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