Blinky lights no work.

You’ve just installed a new motherboard. The computer appears to be working properly, but none of the status lights on the outside of the computer appear to be working. Which of these is the most likely cause of the problem?

A) The lights are faulty

B) The motherboard is faulty

C) The new motherboard is incompatible with the case lights

D) The case lights are not connected to the motherboard

E) There are four lights.

The answer: D) The case lights are not connected to the motherboard

Although a disconnected set of wires is the most likely cause, it’s even more likely because of the other options. All of the lights failing at once isn’t very likely, and it’s just as unlikely that all of those connections on the motherboard are also faulty. Since the case lights are almost universally compatible with motherboards, there’s only one likely choice left.

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