Click. Click. Click.

One of your customers has brought in their computer for repair. They are complaining that the computer makes clicking noises when it is powered on. The noise is constant and it doesn’t appear to ever stop while the computer is operational. The computer appears to be working normally otherwise. What of these would be the most likely cause of this odd noise?

A) The CPU is faulty

B) The video adapter is faulty

C) The cooling fan is faulty

D) An adapter card is loose

E) The clicking noise wards off evil computer spirits

The answer: C) The cooling fan is faulty

Since the noise is constant, the source of the issue is probably with a component that is constantly moving while the computer is powered. Although the issue could also be related to a hard drive, the constant nature of the noise and the lack of any slowdowns or faults would probably lead you away from blaming the hard drive.

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