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You’ve just replaced a motherboard, and you are now reconnecting all of the internal components. The system contains a single PATA drive configured for cable select, and the drive uses a 40-wire PATA cable. Which connector on the cable would be the best choice for attaching the drive?

A) The connector farthest from the motherboard

B) The connecter closest to the motherboard

C) The PATA cable only has a single port

D) The drive should connect to either connector

E) The computer now has that new motherboard smell

The answer: B) The connecter closest to the motherboard

A PATA ribbon cable has a motherboard connector and two drive connectors. On a 40-wire cable, the primary drive is attached to the connector that’s closest to the motherboard. On later 80-wire cables, the primary drive attaches to the connector that’s farthest away from the motherboard.

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