Drop and go

One of your associates has dropped off their laptop at your repair desk. A message taped to the laptop states: “Doesn’t work.” Which of these would be the best next step?

A) Start the laptop and look for any issues

B) Replace the power adapter and try booting the laptop

C) Call the customer and ask for more information about the problem

D) Use your diagnostics boot CD to run a full set of hardware tests

E) Build a replacement laptop that looks exactly like the first one and deliver it back to the customer. Perhaps they won’t realize all of their data is missing.

The answer: C) Call the customer and ask for more information about the problem

If you’re going into a problem without all of the information, then you’re going to have a rough time of things. Even if you start the laptop, you won’t be sure if the problems you find are really the problems the customer is experiencing. Even worse, you might not find any problems at all! Instead of guessing a power issue or hardware failure, it’s always best to ask the end user what they’re seeing and what would make them happy.

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