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You’re currently running Windows XP Home, and you’d like to run Windows Vista Ultimate. Assuming your hardware is sufficient to run Windows Vista Ultimate, what’s the best way of moving from XP Home to Vista Ultimate?

A) Upgrade directly from Windows XP Home to Windows Vista Ultimate

B) Backup all of your documents and load Windows Vista Ultimate as a clean install

C) Install Windows Vista Ultimate onto a new partition and dual-boot

D) Install Windows Vista Ultimate on a new computer and migrate your settings from the Windows XP Home computer

E) Stop at the nearest convenience store and ask for directions

The answer: A) Upgrade directly from Windows XP Home to Windows Vista Ultimate

Fortunately, Windows Vista allows you to leave the existing Windows XP Home operating system in place and upgrade directly. Of course, you’ll want to perform a backup before making such a dramatic change to your operating system, but the upgrade process shouldn’t require any major changes.

It also helps on this question if you know the upgrade options from Windows XP Home to Windows Vista Ultimate. Be sure you know which installation or upgrade options are available between the different OS versions.

Moving from one operating system to another is not a trivial task. One of your primary considerations should be the impact of a move to the end user. If you can keep the existing applications and data files in place, the overall experience will be much better for the end user.

Answer A) provides the fastest way to move to the new OS, is the simplest process to follow, and has the least impact to the user.

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