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You have an old program that you rarely use, but today you’ve launched the application to grab a quick printout. Unfortunately, the output from your color laser printer is completely unreadable. Instead of normal text, the output is full of special characters, block graphics, and other odd symbols. When you use the Windows Printer Test Page, the printer works properly. Which of these would be the most likely cause of this printing problem?

A) The application is not configured properly

B) The printer driver has recently been updated

C) The printer cable is faulty

D) The printer buffer memory is too small for your output

E) The output isn’t colorful enough for your color printer

The answer: A) The application is not configured properly

Because your Windows Printer Test Page prints normally, you know that the problem isn’t related to the driver, the printer, or the cable. If the printout continues to be unreadable, then the issue is most likely related to the configuration of the application.

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