How can you get real-time device status information?

One of your customers has a specialized USB input device that usually works without a problem, but occasionally when starting the computer the device will not operate at all. What Windows utility can provide you with real-time information on the status of the device?


B) Device Manager

C) Task Manager

D) Event Viewer

2 thoughts on “How can you get real-time device status information?”

  1. I don’t agree that Device Manager gives real-time information on device status that could be used to diagnose a intermittent problem. Just because Device Manager says something’s working properly doesn’t mean it is.

    1. Rayburn –

      Device Manager may not be the final word when troubleshooting, but that doesn’t diminish its use as real-time feedback on the status of devices. Given the nature of this particular problem and the choices provided, Device Manager is the best choice.

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