How do you troubleshoot a Windows STOP error?

Your computer has recently been randomly suffering from the dreaded “blue screen of death” Windows STOP error page. What should you do to troubleshoot the problem?

A) Note of the STOP error file and error message and search the Internet for some recommendations

B) Perform a hardware diagnostic of the computer

C) If changes have recently been made to the hardware or software configuration of the computer, restore a previous configuration to see if the error stops occurring”

D) All of the above

E) None of the above

The answer: D) All of the above

A BSOD is a dramatic fault, and the root cause of the issue might be related to hardware, software, or a configuration setting in your operating system. Because there’s such a broad set of options, it makes sense to methodically step through the most likely issue during the troubleshooting process. If hardware was installed recently, the hardware and drivers may be immediately suspect. If the issue began without any type of configuration change, a hardware diagnostic may be necessary.

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