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Which of these would be the compressed version of the IPv6 address 2601:04c3:4001:5e00:0000:0000:f09a:0011?

A) 261:4c3:41:5e::f9a:11

B) 2601:4c3:4001:5e00::f09a:11

C) 2601:4c3:4001:5e::f09a:011

D) 2601:4c3:4001:5e:f09a:11

E) 2601:4c3:4001:5e:0:0:f09a:011

F) If you stand on the luggage you can fit another pair of pants

The answer: B) 2601:4c3:4001:5e00::f09a:11

To compress an IPv6 address, you first remove any leading zeros and then replace a group of two or more groups of zeros with double colons.

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