I can’t get to Reddit

You are building out a new room containing a lab of desktop computers. When you connect the Ethernet network cables, you see no lights on the network port. You also notice that you cannot connect to any network resources. Which of these would most likely be true?

A) The switch port is configured for the incorrect VLAN

B) The Ethernet cable is the incorrect category

C) The Ethernet cabling is not properly wired

D) The Ethernet switch is set to auto

E) The network is really, really filtered

The answer: C) The Ethernet cabling is not properly wired

There are usually two lights on an Ethernet adapter. One of the lights is commonly used to show a link between the adapter and a switch. If the link light is on, then the physical connectivity between the devices is working properly. The second light is usually flashing to show activity over the link. If the second light is flashing, then you can assume that at least some packets are traversing the Ethernet link.

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