I might not be quite right with that one

In which of these cases would you be most likely to use a cable with a DB-9 connector?

A) Connecting an external storage device

B) Attaching a mouse or keyboard to a desktop computer

C) Configuring a router

D) Connecting a POTS line to a modem

E) Attaching a video camera to a computer

F) When a DB-8 cable is too short

The answer: C) Configuring a router

DB-9 cables are commonly used for serial connections, and serial cables are commonly used for connectivity to infrastructure equipment for setup and configuration. You may also see the DB-9 interface called a DE-9 interface.

The D refers to the style of the interface (it’s shaped a bit like a D), the second letter is the size, and the number refers to the number of pins inside of the connector. The number does not refer to the length of the cable.

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