It uses laser beams

You’ve received a call from a busy accounting department with a complaint about a laser printing problem. When you arrive, you find that pages are output from the printer but all of them are completely blank. Nothing appears to be written on any of the printed pages. Which of these would be the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The fuser is faulty

B) The print drivers are incorrect

C) The toner cartridge is faulty

D) The printer does not have enough memory

E) Interestingly enough, all of the company’s accounting spreadsheets are completely blank.

The answer: C) The toner cartridge is faulty

If the printer’s mechanical operation is working normally, then the problem must be with the internal printing process of the laser printer. A completely blank page could certainly be related to a problem with a corona wire, but the more common issue is because the laser printer cartridge is faulty or completely empty of toner. If all of your accounting spreadsheets are blank, it may be time to update your LinkedIn profile.

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