It’s an LCD monitor, so you’ll need an LCD flashlight

You have installed a new video driver on your Windows XP Professional workstation, but the screen remains blank after the boot process is complete. Which of these would be the best troubleshooting step to use for resolving this issue?

A) Move the hard drive to another working computer and manually delete the bad video driver files

B) Reinstall a clean version of Windows XP

C) Replace the monitor

D) Restart Windows XP in VGA mode

E) Try using a flashlight to see if anything on the screen looks brighter

The answer: D) Restart Windows XP in VGA mode

If you press F8 during the boot process, the Windows Advanced Options Menu will give you the option to start Windows in a generic VGA mode. This graphics format is supported on virtually all video adapters and displays, making it a good option when your display settings are preventing your computer from displaying properly.

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