It’s quite the Masterpiece

Which three of these characteristics would be most important for a home theater PC?

A) HDMI output

B) High-end cooling

C) Built-in tuner

D) Small form factor

E) Maximum installed RAM

F) Gigabit NIC

G) Season pass to Downton Abbey

The answer: A) HDMI output, C) Built-in tuner, and D) Small form factor

The focus of a home theater PC is to record and play video to a standard television. This type of PC requires enhanced audio, HDMI video connectivity, a small form factor to fit on a shelf near the television, and a TV tuner for capturing video signals.

High-end cooling would be required for a system that was performing advanced calculations, and a large amount of RAM would be useful for video editing or virtualization. Although it’s useful to have a gigabit Ethernet network connection, it’s not required for streaming HD video.

Access to the Downton Abbey library is a bonus, but not required. 🙂

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