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You’ve been asked to work on an urgent computer repair while the user is at lunch. When you arrive, you notice paperwork on the desk that may contain private information about your customers. Which of these would be the best next step?

A) Complete the repair as quickly as possible

B) Move the papers somewhere out of sight

C) Ask an associate in the department for some assistance

D) Leave without repairing the computer

E) Place a box on your head and sit quietly

The answer: C) Ask an associate in the department for some assistance

The materials on the user’s desk may seem sensitive, so someone else in the department should be able to move the documents or confirm that the information is not sensitive. This would make sure that someone else in the area was aware of the documents, and they’ll also know that the documents were not seen during the repair. Since the repair was urgent, this would allow you to complete the job while maintaining the security of the information.

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