It’s that dot-three that gets you

What is one of the unique characteristics of PCI version 2.3?

A) Increase to 133 MBps of throughput

B) Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit adapter cards

C) Support for both PCI and PCIe adapter cards

D) Dropped support for 5V keyed adapters

E) Added support for additional decimal places in a version number

The answer: D) Dropped support for 5V keyed adapters

Although the PCI bus continues to support 5V on “universal” adapter cards, the PCI 2.3 specification dropped support for adapter cards that are specifically keyed for 5V. While the PCI 2.3 specification doesn’t specifically support 5V keyed adapter cards, manufacturers will sometimes include a 5V bus and PCI adapter slots that will still allow the older adapter cards to operate.

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