Kay Vee Emm

In which of these situations would a KVM be used?

A) You have many computers but only one display

B) You need to increase the throughput of your hard drive

C) You would like to improve the efficiency of your FSB

D) You need to down-convert HD video to standard definition

E) The best part of the KVM is the delicious chocolate outer shell

The answer: A) You have many computers but only one display

A Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch allows you to use a single set of input and output across many different computers. These systems can be small enough to use in a home office and other KVMs can scale large enough to cover hundreds of servers in a data center.

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There is a wealth of Windows utilities that can be run directly from the command line or launched from the Start menu. In this video, we’ll examine utilities like telnet, ping, msconfig, dxdiag, and many more.