Laptop in Latvia

One of your clients is traveling to another country, and they want to be sure their laptop will operate properly on foreign power. Which of these should you check to assist with this foreign power and voltage requirement?

A) Makes sure the Windows laptop power drivers are updated to the latest version

B) Confirm the power supply is switchable

C) Include a BIOS setup disk inside of the laptop bag

D) Test that the laptop can properly charge the battery

E) Pack enough fully charged batteries so you’ll never need to directly connect to power. You’ll need another suitcase.

The answer: B) Confirm the power supply is switchable

An auto-switching laptop power supply can be used in many different countries, although you may need an adapter to modify the connection that plugs into the foreign power outlet. With a switching power supply, you probably won’t need to worry with additional power supplies when you move from country to country.

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