Like a second biscuit at dinner

Which of these would you expect to find in the Windows Local Security Policy? Pick two.

A) A log of failed login attempts

B) The minimum password length

C) The behavior of User Account Control prompts

D) The hash algorithm used for NTFS file encryption

E) The number of files allowed in a single subdirectory

F) If you try to take the wrong file, you get slapped on the back of your hand

The answer: B) The minimum password length and C) Change the behavior of User Account Control prompts

The Local Security Policy utility allows you to customize the security posture of the Windows operating system from one centralized utility. In the Local Security Policy, you can set policies for auditing, user rights, security options, and much more.

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If your computer isn’t part of a Windows Domain, then you’ll manage your security policies on the local computers. In this video, you’ll learn how to start and use the Windows Local Security Policy manager.