Maybe it’s just very tiny

You have just upgraded the LCD display on your desktop computer, and you can see the normal POST messages appear when starting your system. When Windows begins to load, however, the display goes black and does not show any further messages. Which of these would be the next best step for troubleshooting this issue?

A) Boot into the recovery console and manually remove the registry entries for the video driver

B) Start Windows in VGA mode

C) Return the LCD display and get a replacement

D) Boot into the recovery console and delete the video driver files

E) Remove the cover and reseat the video adapter

F) Maybe your Windows desktop is really, really dark

The answer: B) Start Windows in VGA mode

VGA mode is a generic video mode that every video device can use. If there’s an issue with a video driver or resolution setting, VGA mode would allow you to boot into Windows and make any video configuration changes without any complicated file or registry changes.

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