More ports, more power

May 12, 2011

What kind of device can you add to your laptop to provide a modular connection to your desktop keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals?

A) PCMCIA adapter

B) CardBus adapter

C) Docking station

D) ExpressCard adapter

E) A long string with a can on the end

The answer: C) Docking station

A laptop docking station is usually a proprietary piece of hardware, and it’s designed to quickly connect and disconnect a laptop from a set of interfaces. Often, the docking station includes additional USB interfaces, network connections, and additional mouse and keyboard interfaces.

Want to know more? Watch “Laptop Expansion Devices.”

Our laptops are powerful portable devices, but there’s often a need to extend the capabilities of a laptop computer. In this video, you’ll learn how docking stations and laptop expansion slots can be used to improve the use and expandability of laptop computers.

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