My fan is turned up to 11

You’ve had your computer for a couple of years, and you’ve noticed recently that the fan inside of the case is running more often and at higher rates of speed. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A) All fans run faster as time goes on

B) The internal temperature sensors are faulty

C) The fan controller software is faulty

D) The airflow through the computer is blocked

E) The fans are attempting to fly away with your computer. Tie your computer to the floor!

The answer: D) The airflow through the computer is blocked

As the temperature inside of your computer rises, the fans will compensate by running faster and longer. If the airflow is blocked or dust has accumulated on the vents, you’ll find the cooling process is not as efficient as it once was. Clearing the vents and cleaning the inside of the computer will cause your fan volume level to decrease dramatically!

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