My interface is faster than your interface.

Sort these interfaces in order of slowest speed to fastest speed; USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire 800, and Gigabit Ethernet.

A) USB 2.0, FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0

B) FireWire 800, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0

C) USB 2.0, FireWire 800, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet

D) FireWire 800, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet

E) I’m going for a coffee, who’s with me?

The answer: A) USB 2.0, FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0

USB 2.0 runs at 480 megabits per second, FireWire 800 is 800 megabits per second, Gigabit Ethernet runs at 1 gigabit per second, and USB 3.0 is 4.8 gigabits per second!

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