No signal means no signal

You’re upgrading a laptop’s internal wireless card by replacing an 802.11g adapter with an 802.11n adapter. After installing the new adapter card, the drivers install properly but you’re not getting any signal. You ultimately replace the original card, but now it’s not seeing any wireless signal. Other devices on the wireless network are working perfectly. Which of these is the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The 802.11n network is too strong for the laptop

B) The 802.11n adapter has damaged the adapter slot

C) Both adapters are faulty

D) The antenna wires are damaged

E) The wireless network is taking a break. It will be back after tea and biscuits.

The answer: D) The antenna wires are damaged

The antenna wires inside of a laptop case are very small and can be accidentally damaged if too much pressure is used to remove or attach them to the adapter card. Since the wires usually run around the LCD display, it’s also a challenge to replace them!

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