One second tray

When you print your spreadsheet to your company’s network printer, the paper is always fed from the first tray of the printer. What is the best way to change your output to print from a different printer tray?

A) Download a copy of the printer control panel software utility from the manufacturer’s web site

B) Modify the default settings on the front of the printer

C) Change the printer tray option from the printer driver

D) Ask the manufacturer of your spreadsheet to modify the printing process to use the secondary tray

E) Hit the printer button, sprint across the office, pull the printer tray, change the paper, and replace the printer tray before your print job starts printing

The answer: C) Change the printer tray option from the printer driver

The control of your printer output is easiest to control from the printer driver on the computer. Most print drivers allow you to modify the number of copies, the print orientation, the printer tray, and many other options.

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