Or boils, thankfully

Which one of these interfaces is the fastest? Bonus question: Which is the slowest?

A) USB 3.0

B) Gigabit Ethernet

C) FireWire 800

D) SATA revision 2.0

E) IEEE 802.11n

F) A watched progress meter never moves

The fastest interface: A) USB 3.0, and the slowest interface: E) IEEE 802.11n

USB 3.0 – 5 gigabits per second
Gigabit Ethernet – 1 gigabit per second
FireWire 800 – 800 megabits per second
SATA revision 2.0 – 3 gigabits per second
IEEE 802.11n – 150 megabits per stream, 600 megabits with the four stream maximum

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