Polly Want a Secure Desktop

One of your Windows 7 users does a lot of work from home, but the Windows 7 UAC secure desktop is causing problems with the remote desktop software. Which of these would be the best way to remove the secure desktop while keeping the UAC functionality?

A) Modify the Local Security Policy

B) Change the UAC settings in the User Accounts management options

C) Disable all utility and applications that prompt for UAC input

D) Assign Administrator access to the user account

E) Train a parrot to click the UAC dialog each time it displays

The answer: A) Modify the Local Security Policy

The User Account Control options can be completely disabled on a per-User Account basis, but the Local Security Policy provides more granular control. Under the Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy, you can modify the User Account Control settings inside of Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options.

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