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You’ve been assigned a support ticket that very urgently requests a laptop repair, but there are already many open support tickets ahead of this request. You also don’t recognize the name associated with the ticket. Which of these choices would be the best path to take?

A) Place the ticket into the queue as first-come, first-served

B) Contact the end-user and determine the urgency of the repair

C) Triage the queue and prioritize the tickets in order of repair complexity. The easiest problems should be addressed first.

D) Prioritize the support tickets by device type. Desktops have priority, followed by laptops and then mobile devices.

E) Check to see if Tuesday WoW maintenance is complete

The answer: B) Contact the end-user and determine the urgency of the repair

The priority decision for support should consider the situation, and an urgent ticket without context makes it difficult to decide which repair jobs should go first. If you contact the user, you can determine how time-sensitive the problem might be, and you can then prioritize or resolve the problem to the benefit of the organization.

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