Resolution to the max

You’ve recently installed a new large LCD monitor on your computer, but you’ve found that Windows won’t increase the display resolution. When you look at Device Manager, you see that the display is listed as “Generic VGA.” What of these is the most likely cause of this issue?

A) The monitor is not identifying itself properly to the Windows OS

B) The LCD monitor driver is not loaded

C) The computer’s video adapter is not compatible with the LCD display

D) The LCD display only supports generic VGA resolutions

E) You saved a few dollars by purchasing generics

The answer: B) The LCD monitor driver is not loaded

When new devices are added to the Windows operating system, the OS automatically installs the necessary drivers. In some cases, however, the driver must be manually installed. The operating system won’t know the hardware details about the monitor until the driver is loaded, so to give you a little bit of functionality a generic driver is installed.

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