That crashing noise

You’ve started one of your computers after returning after a week away from the office, and you find that your PC crashes with a Windows Stop Error shortly after login. You then discover that a series of patches and OS updates were made while you were vacationing. Which of these options would be the best choice to begin the process of returning your system to a workable state?

A) Restore the computer with your last monthly system image backup

B) Reinstall the operating system from the original installation media

C) Use System Restore and choose a prior restore point

D) Restore the \Windows directory using your last Windows Backup

E) Head back to the beach for another week and try not to think about it

The answer: C) Use System Restore and choose a prior restore point

Updating your computer with many different patches can complicate the troubleshooting process. Instead of working your way backwards, it’s much more of an advantage to return your computer to a prior working configuration and slowly add patches until the issue is identified. System Restore automatically saves the system configuration before any major update, so you’re probably only a few mouse clicks away from having a working computer again.

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