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Published on June 24th, 2011 at 8:00 am

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When you boot your Windows Vista workstation, one of the disks is labeled “Foreign” in the Disk Management utilities. What does this mean?

A) The disk has more unallocated space than formatted space

B) The disk has a different file system than the boot disk

C) A basic disk was added to a system with dynamic disks

D) The dynamic disk was moved from another Windows system

E) The disk was built in another country, but it’s going to night school to study for the citizenship test

The answer: D) The dynamic disk was moved from another Windows system

The Disk Management utility lists all of the disks and provides a status of every partition. If a disk is identified as “foreign,” it has been moved from another computer into this system.

Want to know more? Watch “Managing Disks.”

When you add a new hard drive into a Windows system, you’re faced with a large number of partition options, disk status information, and drive options. In this video, you’ll learn the differences in partition types, how to add or modify Windows disks, and how to use the powerful Windows Disk Management utility.

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