The printer from the past

One your associates uses a very old printer to process some important company forms. They recently replaced her computer with a new laptop that does not have the required parallel port connection. Which of these would be your best option to allow your associate to use both their new computer and the old parallel-port-connected printer?

A) Convert the parallel cable to a USB cable

B) Use a laptop docking station that has a parallel port

C) Use her old computer to connect to the printer and share the printer on the network

D) Connect a new printer and use the old application in its current form

E) “Accidentally” drop a bowling ball into the printer. How unfortunate.

The answer: B) Use a docking station that has a parallel port

Although a USB-connected printer would be a nice option, older printers don’t allow such a seamless switching of interfaces. Using a separate computer to network a printer is also an inefficient option. Since the laptop and the printer are only available together in the office, a docking station would be a seamless connectivity option.

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