User Account Control Control

You’re running a legacy application in Windows 7 that needs access to the registry, and this access causes the User Account Control Secure Desktop prompt to appear. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t operate properly when the UAC messages appear. Which of these would be a method of modifying an individual user’s UAC configuration?

A) Control Panel / User Account Control

B) Control Panel / User Accounts

C) Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management

D) Control Panel / Administrative Tools / User Account Control

E) Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Please Stop Popping Up Every Time I Click Something

The answer: B) Control Panel / User Accounts

The User Accounts section contains a useful option to “Change User Account Control settings.” With elevated rights, you can use a slider to configure UAC to “Always notify,” “Never notify,” or two options in-between. You can also make changes to the UAC through Group Policy.

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