What can you do with a LiveCD?

Which one of these could not be done with a LiveCD distribution?

A) Diagnostics

B) Disk management

C) Gaming

D) BIOS upgrade

3 thoughts on “What can you do with a LiveCD?”

  1. I have seen BIOS updates that run as an .exe in windows prior to reboot and flash. Could one not argue then that BIOS could be updated from a personalized CD with the appropriate BIOS updates? (I always get hung up on questions like this in these exams, in college I could argue the details with my professor and get my credit for them. Unfortunately, you are pretty much stuck on these automated exams when you hit one of these.)

    1. gypsyslap – Although you could certainly burn a CD with a BIOS upgrade EXE on it, a LiveCD is a specialized bootable software distribution. There aren’t any BIOS-upgrade-specific LiveCD distributions, and even if there was it would be a bad idea to use it. You want to download all of your BIOS upgrade programs directly from the manufacturer to verify that the upgrade file hasn’t been changed by any 3rd party.

      1. Is there a possible way to make the BIOS upgrades onto a LiveCD so one can make one easy for themselves or others who aren’t familiar on upgrading the BIOS?

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